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Confucius Institute of Université Paris Diderot-Paris 7 Celebrating the Second ‘Confucius Institute Day’


      On September 26th, Confucius Institute of Université Paris Diderot-Paris 7 in Paris, celebrated the second global ‘Confucius Institute Day’ with a series of cultural activities which attracted students from Paris 7 and from Confucius Institute, and citizens from the local communities.

      At 10 am, the celebration started with Miss Dong Fang from Confucius Institute offering French friends present a Chinese open course of writing and interpreting of Chinese character. The lively interaction and vivid presentation in a short session managed to offer the beginners of Chinese language a glimpse of the structure and origin of some Chinese characters.

      In the antechamber on the first floor of Paris 7administrative building, calligraphy teachers of Confucius Institute, with paper laid out and ink grinded, gave a wonderful demonstration of Chinese calligraphy and painting for French students. who itched for a try after observing the demonstration. They picked up brushes on after another and asked teachers for guidance. Some students from the calligraphy class of Confucius Institute also joined with the teachers in the demonstration.

Traditional Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Demonstration

     There was a Beijing opera photo exhibition in the antechamber of the administration building at the same time. The visitors stopped in front of the pictures, intrigued by unique traits of the characters given by male role, female role, painted face role and comic role in Peking Opera. Marveled by its fabulous costumes, the visitors also had a deeper understanding of this art of stage performance. The celebration ended with participants’ pleasant exchange of understanding and experience between bites of Chinese delicacies.

Beijing Opera Photo Exhibition 

    The celebration witnessed frequent interactions and exchange between students, visitors, and teachers from Confucius Institute. Those cultural activities, a window to Chinese culture and rare cultural experience, offered French citizens an enhanced understanding of and new light into Chinese culture, especially the art of Peking Opera.

(Contributed by Confucius institute of Université Paris Diderot)