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“2015 Chinese Language Festival” Successfully Held by Confucius Institute and Department of Chinese of Université Paris Diderot-Paris 7


      Unlike normal quiet weekends, this Saturday on April 11th saw the campus of Université Paris Diderot-Paris 7 booming with a youthful vigor. It was the day when “2015 Chinese Language Festival”, a platform for all the students learning Chinese in Paris 7 to exhibit their talents and Chinese proficiency, was successfully co-held by Confucius Institute and Department of Chinese.

      The Festival was inaugurated with opening speeches respectively by Professor Zhou Hanbin, the Chinese Director of Confucius Institute, and Professor Sébastien Billioud, the Director of U.F.R. Langues et Civilisation de l’Asie orientale. They both expressed the hope of taking this opportunity to stimulate students’ desire to be actively engaged in their study of Chinese and to further understand Chinese culture in the form of the performances.

      The French students performed in CThe sketch of Speaking Chinese depicting some embarrahinese nearly twenty programs with no empty seats in venue. The rich varieties of programs they put on, ranging from the dynamic opening singing and dancing to the fantastic Kungfu Show, from sketches directed and played by students themselves to talent show such as bucket diabolo playing, were well responded with thunderous applause.

A Chorus of Olive Tree by Students and Teachers

     Students from Confucius Institute, together with their teachers, after sufficient rehearsals, contributed such marvelous programs as a chorus of Olive Tree, a sketch of Speaking Chinese, a Tai Chi Fan performance and a solo of Hulun Buir Prairie.

      Performers in the sketch of Speaking Chinese talked about some embarrassing moments in the study of Chinese. Their perfect command of the Chinese language left a profound impression among the audience. The Tai Chi Fan players, polishing their moves over and over again during rehearsal, pushed the Festival to a climax for their neat and uniform performance with hardness and softness coupled.

A Powerful Tai Chi Fan Performance

      The Festival was concluded with a teachers’ chorus of Tomorrow will be better. After the show, all performers tasted the Chinese cuisine in the front hall of administrative building. Many students from Confucius Institute and Department of Chinese of Paris 7 said that the Festival was marvelous, for it provided a platform for them to get together to exchange learning experience, demonstrate what they have learnt and experience the charm of the Chinese language and culture.

(Contributed by Confucius Institute of Université Paris Diderot-Paris 7)