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Professor Ganne from Lumière University Lyon 2 Lecturing on Africa


    Upon the invitation of the Office of International Affairs of Wuhan University and under the framework of "Francophone Africa Featured Project", Professor Ganne from Lumière University Lyon 2, renowned researcher at the Academy of Social Sciences, visited WHU from September 16th to 30th, 2015. During his visit, Professor Ganne reached a preliminary agreement concerning the cooperation between both parties with Professor Wang Zhan, Director of Francophone Africa Research Center.

      Professor Ganne also offered to MA and PhD candidates and teachers a series of lectures on countries on the African continent and the national conditions of Burkina Faso, a French speaking country in West Africa. By first posing introductory questions about the national conditions of countries on the continent, Professor Ganne managed to grasp the overall understanding of the students concerning Africa. Through interactions, students’ initiatives were fully aroused. Later, he shed new light on the mysterious and unique African continent to the students by looking at it in terms of its unique climate, population, history and its current economic and cultural development. Students acquired a fresh understanding of Africa with the large quantities of facts and data presented to them.

      Professor Ganne focused on Burkina Faso in his lecture. This unfamiliar country was fully introduced with his analysis of its geography, history, religion, population and economy, etc. Professor also displayed the aerial photos of Ouagadougou, the capital of Burkina Faso, in the past decades collected during his stay in Africa, in order to demonstrate the change of the city in a more direct way. Despite the general impression of this country as poor and backward, through the lectures of Professor Ganne, the students managed to see its rich history and culture and further enhanced their understanding of the reason behind its backwardness.

     Professor Ganne would engage himself in heated discussion with the students every time the lectures ended, answering their questions about Africa patiently. Professor Wang Zhan, Director of Francophone Africa Research Center of Wuhan University, hosted the lectures.

(Contributed by Tian Jing)