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Professor Segbo from Abomey-Calavi University Visiting Wuhan University


      At the invitation of Office of International Affairs, Wuhan University and under the framework of "Francophone Africa Featured Project," Professor Segbo from Benin Abomey-Calavi University visited Wuhan University from 2015 October 2 to 13. Now the incumbent Chair of Chinese Department and Director of Confucius Institute in Benin Abomey-Calavi University, Professor Segbo once studied at Wuhan University and obtained his doctorate degree.

      Ms. Luo Anna, Deputy Director of the Office of International Affairs, Section Director He Xiaoying and Professor Wang Zhan, Director of Francophone Africa Research Center convened with Professor Segbo for agreements on further cooperation and exchanges between.

      During his visit, Professor Segbo presided over multiple theme lectures on Benin’s political system, cultural norms, ethnic groups and historical vicissitudes. Information on Benin’s geographic position, population, climate, language, customs and religion were also included in the lectures. He also elaborated on the metamorphosis of the political system of Benin before, during and after its colonial ages.

      In the lectures, Mr. Segbo recalled his experience of studying at Wuhan University and introduced the exchanges and cooperation between Benin Abomey-Calavi University and Wuhan University, as well as between Benin and China. He warmly welcomed students from Wuhan University to study and work in Benin and know more about the country. Professor Segbo’s witty and intriguing lectures enriched the audience’s knowledge of the West African region and of Francophone Africa, and fostered the cultural exchanges between the two sides.

      In the lectures, Professor Segbo interacted with students and teachers, answering questions with passion and patience, sparking interest in Africa and African studies. The lectures were hosted by Professor Wang Zhan, Director of the Francophone Africa Research Center, and attended by teachers, undergraduates, graduate students and PhD candidates of the French Department.

(Script and photograph by Chu Ge and Wu Yanan)