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The 10th Translation Theories and Teaching Methods Workshop in the Middle and Western China closed successfully


      The 2015 10th Translation Theories and Teaching Methods Workshop in the Middle and Western China was held in Yichang from 23rd to 24th November. The workshop was hosted by Translators Association of Hubei and organized by the College of Foreign Language and Literature of Three Gorges University. Over 160 scholars and experts on translation theories and teaching methods came from Hubei, Shanghai, Beijing, Chongqing, Qinghai, Henan, Shanxi, Guangxi, Anhui and Zhejiang Province, gathering together to share their insights udner the academic theme of this year: Translation Theories and Teaching Methods from Multicultural Perspectives.

      In the opening ceremony, Mr. Chen Hechun, the Deputy Director of the National People’s Congress of Yichang, delivered a welcome speech and extended his warm welcome to all the participants. Mr. Qin Yu, Vice Director of Foreign Affairs (Overseas Chinese Affairs) Office of Hubei Provincial People’s Government, made a speech which regarded the workshop a great event in the translation filed of the middle and western China. Experts and scholars from different areas gather here to exchange ideas, which would definitely promote the cultivation of translation talents, and the research of translation theories. Professor Liu Junping, President of Translators Association of Hubei delivered the opening speech, presenting his work report of the Association and taking an outlook of the future plan. Then, Professor Liao Qiyi from Sichuan International Studies University, Professor Hu Kaibao from Shanghai Jiaotong University, Professor Huang Zhonglian from Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, Professor Liu Junping from Wuhan University, Professor Hua Xianfa from Central China Normal University and Professor Yang Yuangang from Hubei University delivered their keynote speeches respectively.

      The workshop was divided into four sessions, including the research on translation theories and translation history, the translation study of Chinese and foreign literature and culture, the teaching method of translation and the comprehensive study of translation. The participants exchanged their ideas and academic perspectives under lively discussions of how to further promote the development of translation theories, practice and teaching methods in the current multicultural background and information era.

      Associate professor Huang Min from Department of Translation & Interpreting Studies chaired the session of interpreting, and associate professor Hu Ling made the speech in the same session. Several graduate students from the Department also attended the workshop. The conference was considered to be a great event in the translation and interpreting studies circle of Hubei Province, as it attracted the widest range of participants from various universities. In the lively academic atmosphere, the workshop has achieved a great success.