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Professor Liu Shicheng Lecturing at School of Foreign Languages & Literature


      On November 19, 2015, Dr. Liu Shicheng, former chief representative of Associated Press in China, Senior Advisor of New York Times, and Professor of Journalism of Long Island University, visited School of Foreign Languages and Literature of Wuhan University for a lecture under the theme of "History in Perspective since 1950-Major Social Events in America" and targeted at students in the English Department and those who are interested in media and international relations.

      Professor Zhu Binzhong, Chair of the English Department, presided over the lecture. At the beginning, Professor Zhu Binzhong gave a brief introduction of Dr. Liu Shicheng. Now active in Taiwan and mainland China, Dr. Liu Shicheng of Long Island University is a renowned scholar in journalism and a famed critic who has made considerable contributions to cultural exchanges across the Taiwan Strait.

      Dr. Liu Shicheng’s lecture was mainly about the most important social phenomenon of the United States and the overall development trend since the 1950s. First, Professor Liu elaborated on the transformation of American society from the aspects of the women's movement, environmentalism and the rise of mass media respectively. He pointed out that in the wake of World War II, American women walked out of the kitchen and into social competition, forming a great power in the working class and gaining equal rights and social recognition for women in various ways; at the same time emerged a number of new Environmentalists who are well aware of the harm to human health and the environment resulting from emissions and the indiscriminate use of pesticides, appealing to the public to protect the environment and love nature; and the advent of new media is on one hand the symbol of scientific progress and on the other the reason for the decline of  the quality of internet journalism and the retreat of traditional medias. Professor Liu then shared his long years of experience in the United States, referring to the country as a "cultural melting pot". In New York, for instance, one may be impressed with the city’s variety of cuisines, languages and religions. Yet at the same time, religion, crime and race are the taboos among the general public and especially the journalism industry. Finally, Professor Liu talked about the post-1950s American political and economic dynamics. He said that the United States is a land of opportunity where everyone can, through their own work and effort, lead a comfortable life. Because of language barriers, many foreigners may have a hard time integrating into the American life, but data shows that 70% -80% of foreign graduate students are willing to remain in the United States to begin a new life.

      In the following Q & A session, Dr. Liu Shicheng answered questions on the channels and requisites for Chinese university students to engage in academic exchanges and internships in the US, receiving many plaudits from the audience.

(Contributed by Zhou Jingyi and Lei Yulu, graduate students 2015)