The Faculty of Translation and Interpreting Studies Awarded Provincial Title

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Recently, the Department of Education of Hubei Province has released the list of the Excellent Basic Educational Organizations of Colleges and Universities. In total, four Basic Educational Organizations in WHU have won the reputation and one of them is our college (College of Foreign Languages and Literature).

The team of "College English teaching and Research Office" is composed of 40 veteran faculty members from the College English Department of our school. Under the background of the New Liberal Arts Construction with the WHU“Double-First Class”initiative and the demand for discipline and social development, the team, by taking the opportunity to consolidate the "new infrastructure" of College English teaching, has evolved into a basic educational organization with a well-structured and comprehensive system, which can provide a strong organizational guarantee for the effective implementation of various teaching activities.

The Office attaches great importance to the construction of teacher’s morality and the development of teacher’s professional competence. Oriented by the leading role of the Communist Party of China and the “Ten Guidelines for the Professional Behavior of University Teachers in the New Era”, the office vigorously carries out the “Outline of the Construction of College Curriculum Ideology and Politics” and upholds the“Three-Wide Education”initiative to advance the College English curriculum ideology and politics reform in an effective manner, which helps to popularize the moral merits of the College English course and improve “the curriculum education and the ideological & political education”. With the support from the Center for Faculty Development and the branch Center of School of Foreign Languages and Literature of WHU, the office holds various training activities to improve teacher’s professional competence so as to upgrade the education, discipline, teaching, information and scientific research quality of all the members within the office.Faculty members from the College English teaching and research office have won excellent results in school and provincial teaching competitions for many times.

Student development is always prioritized in the College English Teaching and Research Office. The grading and classification teaching of the office has formed a multi-level, diversified and personalized teaching system with the perfection of talent training programs to innovate the teaching modes and improve the teaching quality. Through continuous reform and innovation, the office has witnessed remarkable achievements. In 2006, it was awarded with the first batch of the “Pilot Reform for College English Teaching”; in 2009, the curriculum College English was entitled the “State-level Excellent Course”; in 2013, the curriculum College English was initiated as a “National Quality Resource Sharing Course”; in 2018, the research “A Study of 3-dimentional College English Teaching System by the Cultivation of Top-notch Innovative Talents” won the first prize in the evaluation of “Teaching Achievement” in Hubei Province ; in 2018, the course British Society and Culture was launched on the MOOC platform of Chinese universities and rated as the “First-class Online Undergraduate Course” in Hubei Province. To cultivate a large number of international cross-disciplined foreign language talents with patriotism, exceptional professional and intercultural communicative competence, the office members are dedicated to create the Four Classrooms of entity class, extracurricular class, online class and practice class which has brought out outstanding achievements; under the instruction of the contest tutors from the office, students have been motivated to participate in various provincial and National College English competitions and have won the National Grand Prize for many times.

The College English Teaching and Research Office has magnificently achieved both in teaching and scientific research: in the past 3 years, the office has undertaken one national translation project of social sciences; three projects of humanities and social sciences under the Education Ministry; four collaborative education projects under the Education Ministry; ten research projects of education and science in Hubei province; ten Provincial teaching research projects in Hubei Province's colleges and universities and twenty WHU independent scientific research projects (humanities and social sciences).

(Correspondent: Xie Xiaohong, Translated by Fang Bowen, Edited by Guo Saijun )



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