Professor Li Yunbo of the University of International Business and Economics held a lecture for the teachers and students of our school

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On the afternoon of October 19th, Professor Li Yunbo, Dean of the School of Foreign Languages of the University of International Business and Economics, was invited to give an online lecture entitled "Research on Japanese Translation of Political Texts" to the teachers and students of the Japanese Department of our school. This lecture was hosted by Professor Li Shengjie, the vice dean of our school. Teachers such as Zeng Dan, Xia Jing, Zhang Huixia, Han Yong, Shi Yangyang and other teachers of the Japanese Department attended the lecture. Japanese undergraduates and postgraduates attended the lecture.

Professor Li Yunbo used the Japanese translation of socialist classics as a model to analyze and discuss the research background, translation principles and practical skills of political literature. Professor Li introduced the importance of foreign translation work, and pointed out that "telling Chinese stories well" is not only related to the construction of the translation talent team, but also related to the fundamental interests of the country. Combining many years of teaching and research experience, Professor Li summarized the translation principles of political texts into four points: focus on the integration of Chinese and foreign; focus on cross-cultural communication; focus on the docking of Chinese characteristic discourse with foreign discourse systems; and focus on the top-level design of political foreign language dissemination. In addition, Professor Li also proposed that in the practice of political translation, we should pay attention to the translation occasions and the meaning changes of vocabulary, pay attention to the ambiguity and coherence of specific cultures and languages, and use "the fight against poverty", "not forgetting the original intention, and keeping in mind the mission." Taking the familiar political discourse translation as an example, it analyzes and discusses the classification, characteristics, translation principles and techniques of political texts. Finally, Professor Li pointed out that, as a special style with bright colors, political literature itself has strong political, ideological and contemporary characteristics, and has high requirements for the accuracy, seriousness, and authority of the translation. Call on more young students to devote themselves to the foreign language translation and research of political texts, and contribute more to telling Chinese stories and spreading Chinese culture.

In the interactive session, Professor Li shared his insights on the "metaphorical issues in political texts" raised by the students. The teachers and students all said that Professor Li's explanations were rich in content and explained in simple terms, which benefited a lot and inspired them deeply.

Professor Li Shengjie spoke highly of the academic value and social significance of Professor Li Yunbo’s research results. He believed that this research has made foreign language workers once again realize the importance of translation work and should undertake more in telling Chinese stories and spreading Chinese culture. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Professor Li’s research for the enlightenment brought to everyone. Associate Professor Zeng Dan, head of the Japanese Department, also said that Professor Li’s lecture made us feel the important role played by foreign languages in the spread of Chinese culture, and once again expressed our gratitude to Professor Li for his academic feast.

It is reported that Professor Li Yunbo is currently the dean of the School of Foreign Languages of the University of International Business and Economics, concurrently the vice chairman of the Chinese Japanese Language Teaching Research Association, and the chairman of the Chinese Higher Education Korean Language Committee. The research direction is Japanese linguistics (Chinese-Japanese vocabulary exchange). A total of 11 monographs and translations have been published, 2 national-level textbooks, and more than 40 papers have been published. Presided over and undertook 1 national social science fund key project, general project, 1 social science project of the Ministry of Education, and 5 provincial and ministerial projects. He won 1 second prize and 2 third prizes of provincial and ministerial scientific research achievement awards, and was selected as a special post expert of the State Council, an outstanding talent in the new century of the Ministry of Education, and an outstanding national teacher.

(Correspondent: Jiang Yifan)


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