Department of French

    The French Department of the School of Foreign Languages and Literature of Wuhan University resumed its teaching programs and enrolled undergraduates in 1971. It started to enroll graduate students in 1981, to award Masters degrees in 1985. In 1986, it cooperated with France to provide preparatory courses for doctoral degrees in French literature. In 1992, it partnered with France and the Business School of Wuhan university to train undergraduates with dual degrees in French-Economics and French-Management. In 2002, it was certified to award doctoral degrees in French language and literature. In 2004, it was rated as a national key discipline. In 2008, it was rated as a characteristic discipline in Hubei Province. In 2009, it was ratified as a first-level discipline post-doctoral mobile station, and in 2010 it was approved as a first-level discipline for a doctorate degree in foreign languages and literature. In 2011, the Centre for French Studies was designated by the Ministry of Education as the key base for national research on France.

    The French Department has a strong faculty with several well-known professors in the field. The current academic leaders include Luo Guoxiang, Wu Hongmiao, Du Qinggang, Wang Zhan, Zhang Gen, Zhou Ting and Zhao Ming. At present, the Department has a basic French Teaching and Research Section, a Senior French Teaching and Research Section, a French Literature Teaching and Research Section, and a College French Teaching and Research Section.

    French Department is committed to cultivating senior professionals with a solid foundation in French language and extensive scientific and cultural knowledge, mastering certain research methods, and being of relatively high calibre and with strong abilities. The Department mainly teaches the basic theories and knowledge of French language, literature, history, politics, economy, diplomacy, society, culture, etc., and trains students in French listening, speaking, reading, writing, translation skills, etc. At present, there are about 100 undergraduate students, nearly 40 postgraduates, and more than 15 doctoral students. At the same time, the Department actively organizes various French training courses to serve French learners of different levels.

    The excellent talents cultivated by the French Department are welcomed and praised by employers. The graduates are becoming backbones in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; the Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations and Trade; the Ministry of National Defense and other central ministries and commissions; as well as many colleges and universities; scientific research institutions; large factories and mines; and joint ventures across the country.

Department Head: Wang Zhan

Deputy Department Head: Zhou Ting, Zhao Ming


Wuhan University