Department of Spanish

    In 2020, after long-term preparation, Wuhan University was officially approved by the Ministry of Education to establish the Spanish Language and Literature Major. In the same year, the first enrollment of undergraduates was completed.

    The Spanish faculty is young and dynamic. After completing their domestic Spanish undergraduate education, they obtained doctoral degrees from famous Spanish universities. They have been studying, working and living in Spain for a long time, and their understanding of the local culture and academia is solid and profound. Their research covers the fields of Literature, Linguistics, Translation Studies, Economic Management and Country Studies.

The goal of the Spanish major is not only to improve students’ language ability, but also to cultivate their ability in practical intercultural communication. Meanwhile, students are provided with various possibilities for future employment or further study, and encouraged to be inter-disciplinary talents in the new era.

    Although the Department has only been established for just over a year, it has signed a collaboration framework agreement with the University of Seville in Spain, and its collaboration with universities in other countries and regions is also advancing. It aims to expand academic exchanges, establish long-term collaboration, provide students with opportunities to study abroad, and invite foreign experts and scholars to teach or give lectures in our university. Apart from carefully organizing teaching activities, the Department has also actively carried out academic research; applied for various research projects; published papers in Chinese, Spanish and English in domestic and foreign journals; and published a certain number of translated works.

    Spanish teaching in southeastern China started early, but the Spanish Department of the School of Foreign Languages and Literature of Wuhan University is an early starter of Spanish education in the central China. It aims to base itself in central China; influence the northwest of China; serve the education and training of Spanish talents in central and western China; and meet the increasing the needs of cultural, economic and political exchanges and collaborations with Spanish-speaking countries.

Teachers in charge: Zhu Jierong, Niu Tianhe


Wuhan University