On the Wisdom of China Translated by Dr. Wei Xiong Published

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Recently, the English version of On the Wisdom of China translated by Dr. Wei Xiong has been published by the American Academic Press. The book is one of a series of books enunciating the Chinese wisdom authored by Dr. Fuchun-Peng, the professor in the School of Philosophy, Wuhan University. (This series includes On the Wisdom of China, On Confucius, On Lao Zi, On Hui Neng, On Confucianism, Taoism and Zen, On the Great Way.) The English translation of On the Wisdom of China as a Project applied by Dr. Wei Xiong in 2018 was successfully selected into The Translation Project of the Chinese Humanities and Social Sciences Academic Classics set up by National Social Science Fund of China (18WZX020).

Xi Jinping, general secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee, emphasized the efforts to introduce Chinese culture abroad and spread our thoughts and voice through Chinese culture when addressing a group study session on improving the country’s capacity for engaging in international communication. He also called for translating and promoting more fine culture featuring unique Chinese characteristics, spirits and wisdom to the outside world. In the series of books on Chinese wisdom published by People’s Publishing House, truthfully and accurately, Dr. Fuchun Peng attempts to elucidate the nature and forms of China’s ancient wisdom and reinterpret its ideological significance from     cross-cultural perspective, thereby activating its inherent vitality and promoting the construction of contemporary Chinese thoughts. The publication of the book, On the Wisdom of China, has opened a window for the world to learn about Chinese culture and wisdom.

Dr. Wei Xiong is a member of Foreign Discourse Research Committee of Translators Association of China (TAC), and a council member of Hubei Provincial Translators Association. He was awarded the Certificate of Honor for Young and Middle-aged Translators in the Middle and Western Regions of China.

(Correspondent: Xiong Wei, Translated by Yang Yun, Edited by Yu Shilong)

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