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On the afternoon of May 16th, 2021, the evaluation and defense meeting of 2020-2021 Excellent Student Union of Wuhan University was held in the multi-functional lecture hall of Teaching Building No.5. The Student Union of School of Foreign Languages and Literature was awarded the “2020-2021 Excellent Student Union” of Wuhan University with distinction.

In the competition, Liu Xin, president of the Student Union of the School of Foreign Languages and Literature, reviewed the experience of the Student Union in the past year in the form of “radio diary” and defended from three aspects.

The Student Union of School of Foreign Languages and Literature is composed of secretary department, sports department, students’ rights and interests and development department, culture and art department, learning department and community service department, as well as media center and youth volunteer association. All these departments are committed to serving as the bridge between schools and students and promoting the improvement of students' comprehensive quality and the development of the college.

The honor is inseparable from the efforts of all departments. In their daily works, the Student Union and all student organizations serve students and the school with due diligence, and carry out a series of meaningful activities with distinct characteristics.

Organizational Reform

The Student Union will complete the reform in accordance with the Implementation Opinions of Wuhan University on Deepening the Reform of the Student Union (Graduate Student Union) in this year. It is essential to make clear the orientation and main target of reform and selection criteria for staff. The debriefing appraisal system should be established.The student union must always adhere to the correct political orientation, to the principal position of students, and to the principle of problem oriented. The associations at all levels should carry out in-depth reform to achieve standard management and clarify their responsibilities in line with “Implementation Plan for Further Promoting the Deepening Reform of Student Associations in Our School (Draft )”

Ideological Building

Cultivate patriotism and fully implement ideological and political theory. We actively carry out relevant party activities and effectively integrate professional learning and ideological guidance, such as the exchange activity of Learning Xi Jinping: The Governance of China in multiple languages. In doing so, we guide the  league members to stand on the height of “a community with a shared future for mankind” and to bravely undertake the mission of the times. The simulation news spokesman contest, combined with the discipline competition activities, helps the league members to boost their four-sphere confidence imperceptibly.

We attach great importance to the building of student cadre team. In this academic year, we jointly organized the Future School Branch school with the School of Electrical and Automation to comprehensively improve the quality of student cadres in all aspects of our school, and won the excellent Future School Branch school of Wuhan University for five consecutive years.

Recreational and Athletic Activities

We strive to undertake the most thoughtful on-campus cultural and athletic activities in the aspect of services and creative activities.

The Youth Association led more than 10 kinds of volunteer activities to provide services with dedication and pass on warmth with knowledge and light up hope with love.

“Online education support, Cloud Dream Building” activity

The Student Rights and Interests and Development Department integrates rights protection into daily work, including daily tips, solicitation of proposals, dormitory culture festival to show the style of our life in the school.

The Learning Department combines the characteristics of our school with online cloud punch in and simulated interview to create a special language learning position, helping students build a dream future.

Online English punch in activity

Luojia Foreign Language Culture Festival and Huazhong University Foreign Language Culture Festival is a brand activity of our school. The Central China regained its vitality in 2021 after the pandemic. We led six brother universities in Central China to successfully hold the opening ceremony and five competition sections, making our efforts to help students in Central China to “know China and understand the world”.

Luojia Foreign Culture Festival

The media successfully built the brand of our school through the public account, newspapers and magazines, cultural and creative design. The number of fans is nearly 11 times that of the total number of our school. It has ranked in the top five of WCI for nearly 10 times. The highest page views of wechat tweets are as high as 20,000.

The honor of “2020-2021 Excellent Student Union” of Wuhan University is the result of the collective efforts of all members of the Student Union and the support of teachers and students of the foreign school. In the future student work, the Student Union will continue to stay true to its original aspiration, forge ahead with inclusiveness and innovative spirit and do the student work better!

(Correspondent: Liu Xin , Translated by Zhang Jinghan, Edited by Xie Xiaohong)

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