Colourful Flowers and Colourful Life

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On the afternoon of April 28th, 2021, Room 1033 was overflowing with colourful flowers and joyful voices. The first flower arrangement class titled “Colourful Flowers and Colourful Life” for faculty and staff was in full swing. This was specially organized by the labour union of the School of Foreign Languages and Literature to enrich the leisure life of the faculty and staff .


After a morning of the careful arrangement by Pan Xinghui, a union member, the original disordered room took on a new look. All participants then set about arranging flowers in high spirits.

At the very beginning, the florist provided detailed instructions on floral materials, flower arranging procedures, color matching, flower material processing and so on. Later, under her guidance, all participants could not wait to start their own floral design. Some worked independently, some exchanged tools and materials, and others took selfies from time to time to update their life on Moments. Besides floral fragrance, the whole room was filled with foral fragrance and laughter.


After the event, all participants took a group picture in front of the School of Foreign Languages and Literature. This flower arrangement class not only helped teachers to relax after a hectic day, but also provided a good showcase for their artistic skills.

(Correspondent: Lu Peng, Translated by Shao Qin, Reviewed by Yu Yongfang)


(correspondent Lu Peng)

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