Basic Information:

Hu Ling, associate professor, Department of Translation and Interpreting


Ph.D:English Language and Literature (translation studies), Wuhan University

MA:Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics,Wuhan University;Linguistics,Leiden University, the Netherlands

BA:English Language and Literature, Xi’an International Studies University

A Brief Introduction:

Major research area:Theory and Practice of Translation and Interpreting

Major courses undertaken:Basics in Interpreting,Business Interpreting,Listening in Interpreting

Academic experience:associate professor, Wuhan university, 2006--today

lecturer,Wuhan University, 1999-2006

visiting scholar,University of California, Los Angeles,2016-2017

Interpreting experience:SI and CI for a number of conferences and expositions

Awards: teaching awards for undergraduates of Wuhan University; achievement awards of Hubei Translation Association; mentor awards of Wuhan University; coach awards of National Interpreting Contest; University president awards for contributions in teaching, etc.

Research Outputs:


1 On How to Realize the “Comprehensive” function of A Comprehensive English Course, Foreign Language Teaching,2002(05).

2. A Comparison of Audiolingual Approach and Social Communicative Approach, Foreign Language Teaching and Research in Colleges and Universities,2002(03).

3.On the Role of Teacher’s Talk in ESL Classrooms,Journal of Wuhan University,2003(05).

4. Development of oral fluency: A study on pause and self-repair of Chinese English-major students,Forum on Cross-cultural Studies,Wang Xiuzhen & Du Qinggang (ed.), Wuhan University Press,2006.

5. Long pauses in Chinese EFL learners' speech production,《Interlinguistica》, 2007(04).

6. A Study of Han Suyin,  Oriental Translation,2013(02)

7. A Review of Miriam Shlesinger, Oriental Translation,2013(06).

8. Translation and Publishing of Alice Monro’s Works in China,  China Publishing Journal,2014(09)。

9. New Trends in Translation Studies, Translation Quarterly, 2015(02).


1.A Practical Course for PETS,Wuhan University Press, 2004.

2.Basics in Interpreting,Wuhan University Press,2012.

3.New Concept Basic English Course (level 4),Foreign Language Press, 2012.

4.Comprehensive Ability of English Interpretation(level 3),Foreign Language Press, 2017.

5.Workbook of Comprehensive Ability of English Interpretation(level 3),Foreign Language Press, 2017.

6.Model Tests of English Interpretation(level 2),New World Press,2019.

Translated Works:

1.Saving the World--Chen Hongmou and Elite Consciousness in Eighteenth Century China, Renmin University Press,2013.

2.What Kind of Party is the CPC,China Intercontinental Press,2021.

Research Projects:

1. Mooc: Selected Readings of British and American Newspapers, ¥50,000 ,2019-2021.

2. Study of the English Translations of Tao Yuanming’s Poetry Overseas, ¥20,000,2015-2017.

3. Study of MTI Students’ Literary Quality and Their Interpreting Ability, ¥20,000.

4. Study on the Development of Chinese Students’ Stylistic Competence, ¥120,000,2010-2012.

5. Study on the English Translation of Public Signs in Jingchu Area, ¥20,000,2016-2017.

6. Research on the Reform and Innovation of the Cultivation of Professional Competence among Translation Teaching Personnel, ¥20,000,2017.

7. Research on the Mode and Innovation of Translation Personnel Training, ¥10,000, 2017-2018.

8. Study on the Validity of Entrance Exams for MTI Candidates, ¥10,000, 2015-2017.

9. Study on the Development of Learners’ Linguistic Potential Based on Sociality Cultural Theory, ¥20,000,2010.

10. Research on the Teaching Practice of Interaction between English Major Students’ Knowledge and Their Ability, ¥ 20,000, 2009-2011.


Wuhan University