FANG Xing  PhD. in Philosophy, Wuhan University,Full Professor,PhD. Supervisor


COURSES:Practical Translation of English into Chinese, Introduction to Translation Studies, Contrastive Study and Translation of English and Chinese

RESEARCH INTERESTS: Translation Theories, Contrastive Study of English and Chinese and Translation Studies, Philosophy of Language and Translation Studies


2015-present  PhD. Supervisor, School of Foreign Languages and Literature,WHU

2011-present  Full Professor, School of Foreign Languages and Literature,WHU

1998---2011  Associate Professor, School of Foreign Languages and Literature,WHU

2002---2003  Visiting Scholar at Seton Hall University of the Unites States of America.


2018  Excellent Instructor Award of Hubei Province Translation Contest

2015  Supervisor of Excellent Bachelor Degree Thesis, Hubei Province

2015  Presidential Award for Outstanding Teaching Team ,Wuhan University

1999  Second Prize of Wuhan University Young Teacher Teaching Competition


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Wuhan University