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通讯员:王湘楚 叶羽 大家好,期待已久的武大外院口译队人物专访栏目来咯!第一次采访请到了我们口译队的优秀队员——叶羽同学。一起来听听她怎么说吧~

叶羽,很高兴采访你! 和大家打个招呼吧,简单介绍一下你自己。

Agnes, thank you for being here. Would you like to tell us a little bit about yourself?


My name is Ye Yu, a junior student in the College of Foreign Languages and Literature, Wuhan University.

I major in Translation and Interpreting, and my GPA is 3.90+. When the Covid-19 pandemic broke out, I voluntarily tutored children of health care workers and Uyghur elementary students from Xinjiang through online teaching. Meanwhile, I am also a member of the Interpreting Team of Wuhan University.


I heard you've successfully applied for a term of exchange to Harvard University. Congratulations! What makes Harvard your choice?


Harvard is a world-renowned university with excellent academic atmosphere. I believe I could gain global and cross-cultural perspectives and hone my professional knowledge to a greater level within Harvard Community.


Did the experience in the Interpreting Team of Wuhan University help you during your application?


When we do trainings such as sight interpreting or consecutive interpreting in the team, teachers and team members would always give thought-provoking suggestions on how to improve the wording or word order. This greatly enhances my writing skill, which is useful in polishing up my personal statement and resume.


Would you tell us your to-do list in Harvard?


Apart from attending classes, I’d like to visit the Museum of Fine Arts Boston and go to some concerts in Berklee College of Music.


How you benefit from your two years in the Interpreting Team?


Interpreting Team of Wuhan University is a large family where we are encouraged to make progress together. Over the past two years, I have also made many close friends in the team, which in my mind is the greatest gain. I always believe that interpreting is a challenging job, and all the students selected into the team have strong ability to perform under pressure and the willingness to delve into one specific field. Therefore, as long as you are brave enough to rise to the challenges, you will be able to improve your interpreting ability.